[opendtv] IPTV set to spread in 2008

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This article is ironic, accompanied as it is by another one in
digitaltvdesignline, which talks about how IPTV in China failed to meet

And this article continues to obfuscate what IPTV is, which is IMO how
they keep missing the boat.

IPTV is not "The drive to turn the TV into an Internet-capable device,"
but rather, "a way to allow telcos to compete more easily against cable
and DBS walled garden TV distribution service, implementing video stream
switching inside the network, rather than broadcasting almost all
content to customer premises."

When consumers figure out that IPTV is just a form of cable TV service,
and the understanding that any broadband provider already allows TV
content to be streamed to a PC or properly equipped TV via Internet
Protocols, the whole notion of IPTV becomes much more "so what?"

A question these pundits might want to study is why Verizon decided on
emulating cable TV service with their FiOS, rather than installing a
true IPTV network.



December 31, 2007

IPTV set to spread in 2008

By K.C. Jones

Things are looking good for IPTV in 2008, according to predictions from

The company, which delivers content over IP broadband networks, says
emerging markets, user-generated content, and advertising will drive
IPTV growth in 2008.

"BitBand has hit on a number of important themes in IPTV," said Bob
Larribeau, principal analyst and co-founder of analyst firm TelecomView,
in a statement. "It is clear that new markets, such as Eastern Europe,
along with new forms of content and advertising will define the IPTV
opportunities going forward."

The company said HDTV's popularity among mainstream consumers will
increase demand for high-quality viewing and warned that technology must
evolve to ensure consumer needs are met.

Home networking and home servers will deliver content to a variety of
personal electronic devices via wired and wireless networks, BitBand
said. Service providers will be expected to handle massive amounts of
content and consumers' experiences should not vary according to device.

As new companies offer alternative services, traditional communications
companies will have to differentiate themselves through new value-added
services or competitively priced entertainment packages, BitBand said.

User-generated content will continue to grow in popularity and users
will want it incorporated into their traditional television experiences.

The drive to turn the TV into an Internet-capable device is likely to
continue, despite failed attempts so far, and targeted advertising holds
potential for revenue and subscriber growth for IPTV, according to

On-demand television will grow thanks to new methods for time shifting
and increased bandwidth availability in next-generation networks,
BitBand said.

Finally, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will drive adoption of IPTV in
China. The government wants the event to draw worldwide attention, while
service providers in other countries will want to deliver the events to
subscribers in all forms and across all devices, BitBand said. Those
factors will drive service innovation and technology development, while
encouraging flexibility of regulations.

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