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I thought that this had essentially already happened, but
it's still an intriguing demonstration of how innovative
products become commodity items. Part of the off-shoring


IBM reportedly preparing to sell PC operations
By Nicolas Mokhoff , EE Times
December 03, 2004 (9:25 AM EST)
URL: http://www.eet.com/article/showArticle.jhtml?articleId=3D54800041

MANHASSET, NY - When IBM unveiled its personal computer
23 years ago, it launched the "PC" era. That era may be
at an end with the company's decision to sell off its PC

If completed, reported negotiations between IBM and
China's largest PC manufacturer, Lenovo, would result
in IBM exiting the PC business, relegating an American
invention to the world's cheap labor market for
manufacturing commodity electronics products.

Launched on Aug. 12, 1981, the "IBM PC" was the result
of work by a team of 12 engineers led by William C. Lowe.
The IBM team working in Boca Raton, Fla., designed and
built the "Acorn" PC under secret plans dubbed "Project
Chess." IBM renamed the Acorn personal computer the IBM
PC, thereby popularizing the term and creating an
industry from what had been a hobby.

The IBM PC was different in that it was the first
computer based on an open architecture and made from
off-the-shelf parts. It was marketed by outside
distributors such Computerland. The IBM PC was even
chosen as Time Magazine's "Man of the Year" in 1982.

The New York Times reported on Friday (Dec. 3) that the
proposed sale if IBM's PC operations could be worth as
much as $2 billion, and would likely include all of
IBM's desktop, laptop and notebook computers.

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