[opendtv] Re: How about a roast of Bert at NAB?

  • From: Bob Miller <bob@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 17:49:35 -0500

How about a "Maybe he will survive but he has never really been in 
broadcasting yet Wanabee" award for the likes of Bob Miller? I feel like 
I have been in broadcasting for 15 years at least. I could use an award, 
I have space on the wall for a certificate and the guarantees sound 
good. What do they guarantee BTW?

Bob Miller

Larry Bloomfield wrote:

>The Order of the Iron Test Pattern is over 25 years old. Once upon a time we 
>had 2-3000 members. In those days, you had to be in broadcasting 15 years to 
>apply. That is no longer necessary. Now, like then, you had to be a survivor 
>of the broadcast industry. That can be true of someone after their first 
>day. There are no fees, dues, etc. We do sell certificates to hand on your 
>wall, which come with 2 guarantees. And we have lapel pins. We do an annual 
>awards meeting at NAB every year. One year we gave the Iron Couch Potato 
>award to Gene Pooley. Pooley, while working for Zenith many years ago, 
>invented the remote control - thereby making possible couch potatoes. It's a 
>toung-in-cheek group and we're out to have good clean fun.
>Larry Bloomfield, KA6UTC
>Bloomfield Enterprises, LLC
>1980 25th St.
>Florence, OR 97439-9717
>(541) 902-2424
>See you on the Tech-Notes Taste of NAB Road Show
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>>If you can get Burt there, I'd be happy to have him on the program at the
>>annual Order of the Iron Test Pattern awards meeting. www.OITP.org - And
>>yes, it is still alive.
>>Lovely site (faulty links and all;-)), Larry. Do you actually have any
>>tenacious members?

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