[opendtv] Re: How About Portable ATSC Receivers?

  • From: Ron Economos <k6mpg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 15:24:04 -0800

 From my experience, the number one reason for poor
demand is:

1) The general public doesn't even know that OTA digital
television exists.


BenWebber@xxxxxxx wrote:

>John Shutt wrote:
>>If the United States were 90% wired (and/or DBS),
>>and Australia were0% wired, that would still make
>>a market of 10 million US TVHHs, and only 7
>>million AU TVHHs.
>>Where is your logic?  Mine says every manufacturer
>>that has tried to make an ATSC box has found out
>>they are difficult and expensive to make, don't work
>>very well, and there is too high of a return rate.
>>Therefore there is no profit in them.  Yes, it is
>>market forces, but with, as the CEA claims, over
>>16.5 million DTV sets sold in the United States
>>since 1998, shouldn't that be a big enough market?
>>Bigger than Australia, and they have plenty of STBs
>>to choose from.
>Demand and market size are two different things. It doesn't matter how
>many dogs live in your town if they won't eat the dog food you're
>There is negligible demand for standalone ATSC tuners (i.e., STBs) at
>present. Why? As a thought experiment, ask yourself what subset of U.S
>TVHHs would actually want to buy a standalone ATSC STB. Basically, that
>subset would include:
>a) a few thousand hobbyist and engineer types; and
>b) people who own a tuner-less DTV set AND for some reason don't want to
>watch HD via cable or satellite.
>Everybody else either:
>a) watches TV via cable or satellite;
>b) buys a DTV set with an integrated tuner;
>c) cannot afford a DTV set to begin with; or,
>d) is content with NTSC, and will only switch when forced by government
>fiat or attracted by a significantly better value proposition (e.g.,
>Notice, I haven't said one word about manufacturing costs, receiver
>performance, or modulation scheme. Even if ATSC worked really well (I
>have no idea if it does or not), demand for standalone ATSC tuners would
>still be negligible.
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