[opendtv] Honey, did you remember to call the DVD recorder?

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Honey, did you remember to call the DVD recorder?

By Ed Frauenheim
Staff Writer, CNET News.com
Story last modified September 8, 2004, 6:10 PM PDT

Panasonic announced on Wednesday a DVD recorder that takes requests 
from the road.

The machine has a 400GB hard disk drive, is capable of zapping video 
elsewhere in a home, and is designed to let consumers program 
recording remotely over the Internet--including via cell phones. The 
new product, dubbed the DMR-E500H, and related devices with smaller 
hard drives, are slated to be available in Japan beginning Sept. 21.

The DMR-E500H, billed as allowing for more than 700 hours of recorded 
video, demonstrates the growing capabilities of devices combining DVD 
recording with hard drives. A hybrid between traditional DVD 
recorders and so-called digital video recorders , such machines allow 
users to begin watching a show from an earlier moment in a live 
broadcast. These types of products are battling against a new 
generation of personal computers to be kings of the digital living 



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