[opendtv] High-Definition Radio: It's The New Wave

  • From: "Albert Manfredi" <bert22306@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2006 18:02:07 -0500


Interesting article on the Ibiquity IBOC digital radio status. It's being 
called HD Radio now. I hear it advertized on the radio quite a bit, although 
there are precious few of these radios for sale. And no decent quality 
stereo tuners at all. Just a couple of clock radio style boxes, a few tuners 
meant for cars, and a couple of big hulking ugly A/V receivers.

HD radio seems advertized more than DTT, but there's a lot less product 
available than there is for DTT. Also, according to the article, it all 
started in 1991, just like US DTT. So it was also a lot slower making it to 
market than DTT was.

For IBOC on the AM band, I always wondered how they could just cavalierly 
grab AM sidebands out to +/- 15 KHz and not expect to create interference 
with other stations. The answer is, according to the article, they aren't 
allowed to transmit digital radio at night. Kind of makes me wonder why 
anyone would bother with HD radio on the AM band.

In the FM band, they also grab sidebands way beyond where the analog station 
is (+/- 200 KHz), but I guess they are banking on the fact that the digital 
sidebands are 25 dB lower than the analog signal.


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