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I think both:  the radios do wear out (the CD player anyway) AND people 
don't like the OEMs for performance reasons.

But I like OEMs (so long as they are the higher performing sound systems) 
because they look better than aftermarkets.


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[opendtv] Re: Here we go again...

Point taken.
Come to think of it, if people are happy with OEM radios, just how could 
after-market radios be "stronger than ever" in sales?  Do OEM radios wear 
out at twice the rate of cars?
John Willkie, who notes that if everyone watched tv like he (mostly) has 
over the last seven years, few to none DTV sets would have been sold and 
sales of PCI DTV tuner cards would be through the roof.

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Also, I must admit, that we operate an FM radio station that will soon 
provide multiple channels on an HD broadcast.  We will be able to provide 
both professional and student programming on the same FM channel.  So 
naturally, I would like to see HD radio as standard.  Not a government 
mandate, mind you.  Just the ability to be received by a wide audience and 
not a lot of money or hassle to do it. 

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