[opendtv] Happy Birthday America

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Hi all

If you haven't done so, please take a moment or so to be grateful and thankful that we live in the finest -- freest country on this planet, despite all the faults we can find with it. Having traveled the world, I can safely say that no one can find a better, freer place to live!

I proudly gave 16 years of my life in the United States Navy and I'm proud to say that my son Tom gave several years of his life in the United States Marine Corps and his son, my grandson, is currently serving in the United States Navy. I came from a proud family where my dad served in world war one as a Sergeant in the US Army, my brother, as a boatswains' mate in the US Coast Guard in world war two, one brother-in-law as a sergeant in the US Marines in world war two and another brother-in-law as a petty officer in the US Navy also in world war two. I'd like to think all of us have done nothing more than ensure that we all can continue to enjoy those freedoms that so many would like to take away from us. Am I bragging? You're darn right I am!

With out a microsecond of hesitation:  God bless America and Happy Birthday!

Here's a little something you all might enjoy.


Finely: Did you know that two of our founding fathers, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both passed away on the same day? Independence Day, July 4th 1826. What could have been a more befitting day for their lives to end after such dedicated service to the founding and preservation of our great nation?


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