[opendtv] HPA Technology Retreat Program is now online

  • From: Mark Schubin <TVMark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008 21:27:59 -0500

The program for the Hollywood Post Alliance 15th-annual Technology Retreat, taking place February 17-20 at the Westin Mission Hills Resort in Ranch Mirage, California (Palm Springs area) is now online here:


What's the latest on 3-D without glasses? Why would you want to watch TV at 300 frames per second? When might ATSC 2.0 get implemented? How does one reference monitor work for multiple display technologies? Who's combining HDTV and stereoscopy in games? Where does content protection work, and where doesn't it?

Do you know all about appliances, clusters, cell processors, and grid-based transcoding? How about the latest software developments? What's going on in both Bollywood and Hollywood with regard to preserving image quality through digital processes? What's "spatial hearing"? How should loudness be measured?

Those are just a few of the topics that will be covered. Do you know how cable works? How about a replacement for color bars? Is 4K enough? What shocking surprises have come up with regard to digital-TV transmission, and how might they affect mobile TV? How has a network implemented file-based delivery, and what are real-world data-transfer results? What happens when Bayer-filtered sensors are compared to full RGB?

This is the event attended by people ranging from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences to the National Security Agency. It's the one that has had presentations from officials of NATO the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and NATO the National Association of Theater Owners, MPEG the Moving Picture Experts Group and MPEG the Motion Picture Editors Guild. It's the event where, no matter what your question, someone will be there who knows the answer. It's the event that fills to capacity each year, so you might want to register soon:

See you there, I hope!


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