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We were there as the designated "datacaster". The enemies of COFDM were 
howling that not only was Sinclair trying to delay the digital 
transition with a phony suggestion that COFDM was a better modulation 
but that they wanted to use the spectrum for datacasting and low 
resolution multicasting to mobile receivers at lower more robust bitrate.

Congressman Billy Tauzin was demanding HDTV so I think that in their own 
best interest Sinclair did not want to dilute the message that COFDM 
could do HD better than 8-VSB.

Mark is right. Probably was right then. We were more interested in 
changing the conversation which would probably not have helped. In the 
end it was the fraudulent test that did in COFDM.

Bob Miller

Barry Wilkins wrote:

>That's interesting. Why was it not in Sinclair's best interests at that
>time to show the Mediascreen?
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>Craig Birkmaier wrote:
>>Please do not take this personally. If all=3D20
>>broadcasters were as forward thinking as Sinclair=3D20
>>we might not be in this mess. You know ALL too=3D20
>>well what happens when Sinclair tries to be=3D20
>Actually its all Sinclair's fault because at the Congressional hearings=20
>in 2000 they refused to show the Nokia Mediascreen which would have=20
>demonstrated mobile reception of COFDM definitively and forced the=20
>issue. :-)
>Bob Miller

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