[opendtv] 'HD for All' group to lobby on DTT

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Sorry. I can't help but remember all the loud insults hurled at the ATSC and 
others, not so long ago, for even thinking that HDTV would be "needed," let 
alone affordable.

Look, ma, no new spectrum needed.



'HD for All' group to lobby on DTT Terrestrial broadcasters, TV manufacturers 
and retailers are calling on the Government to ensure that spectrum is set 
aside for high-definition television (HDTV) on the UK's fast-growing Freeview 
platform. Media regulator Ofcom wants the market to decide which services 
should get access to spectrum liberated from switching off analogue 
transmitters, with an auction planned for 2008.

Welcoming Ofcom's three-month consultation on its Digital Dividend Review, the 
HD for All group-which includes the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five-said it was 
"important that all television viewers in the UK should have the opportunity to 
enjoy the UK's free-to-air public service television channels in HD".

"However, this will require some additional spectrum for the DTT platform (the 
home of Freeview) and we will be making the public interest case for such 
spectrum in the context of Ofcom's review," said a statement. ITV's interim CEO 
John Cresswell, said: "It is clear that the UK public expect an HDTV option 
whichever digital platform they choose. But the future of HD on the UK's 
fastest growing platform, Freeview, is far from guaranteed."

Steve Dowdle, managing director at Sony UK, said by the completion of digital 
switchover in 2012 UK consumers "will have invested up to £26bn in converting 
their homes for digital TV. This investment will release spectrum and a 
proportion of that spectrum should be given back to the public in the form of 
HDTV for the public service broadcasters (PSBs)". John Clare, CEO of DSG 
International, owner of Dixons, added: "If the terrestrial platform is to 
remain a realistic choice it needs to be competitive. In the future, that will 
mean that HDTV needs to be available on the DTT platform."

Lovelace Consulting 20.12.2006
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