[opendtv] Re: Google: Upload High Dynamic Range (HDR) videos (also streaming with Chromecast)

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  • Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2016 20:50:01 +0100

The (public) stance on this has changed a bit since they teamed up with Technicolor and Technicolor took over the marketing of the combined solution, as Technicolor brought in the SDR to HDR (auto)conversion technology. Philips said 'your mileage may vary', Technicolor was already marketing this to LG and other TV vendors. An acquaintance saw the Technicolor demo at CES and said the demo looked very good. At IBC Technicolor showed a conversion on the production side. I am not sure I remember/understood this demo correctly, was showing some shading indicating the difference was baseball material? Perhaps I have some pictures to trigger my memory, though the basebalkl material was not their copyright so they wouldn't let me take a picture.

Mark was not at IBC this year to correct me here, but I am sure some-one on this list can;-).


Manfredi, Albert E schreef op 10-11-2016 20:18:

Donald Cooleman wrote:

Jeroen chime in! Camera's tend to be 12 f-stops or more, if they can
output this, i.e. some kind of RAW output. Technicolor (as do others)
also has some SDR to HDR auto conversion. Both for (live) production
and use in TVs, without access to an HDR version.

Mike Tsinberg schreef:

Rec 2020 is very nice. What about cameras? Do production people use
standard  SDR cameras and create an artificial HDR metadata or it
comes from HDR cameras?

If I remember correctly, Jeroen did say that upconverting SDR to HDR
is possible but not great. This Philips paper from one year ago,
authored by Jeroen, only seems to cover conversions from an HDR


I suppose it's a bit like upconverting SD to HD. You have to guess at
the missing information you're adding into the image.


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