[opendtv] Re: Google: Upload High Dynamic Range (HDR) videos (also streaming with Chromecast)

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  • To: Craig Birkmaier <brewmastercraig@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2016 21:54:01 +0100

Craig Birkmaier schreef op 17-11-2016 17:31:

Issue with OTA HD in Europe is that this was never in the requirements.

Yup. They were more interested in quantity than quality. But the
quality was already pretty decent with 576i digital.

The same pressures exist in Europe to reclaim spectrum for wireless
data. Everyone has lots of options in terms of accessing TV

The OTA audience has remained under 20% here in the U.S.

Do you have any idea what percentage of the audience broadcasters
reach in Europe?


Here in Holland KPN used to have upto around 900K DVB-T subscribers (885K in early 2010, or about twice the non-ethnic satellite penetration) this has dropped to below half a million (487K May 2015) in a 7 million household, 17 million inhabitants country. KPN has been pushing prices up, blaming this on smaller subscriber base, as it has actively been moving people to its broadband all-in-one (dsl in large part its fiber subsidiary stopped building fiber) packages, or in last resort all-in-one with DVB-T like two of my uncles 70(+), that did not sign on to the demand aggregation programme for rural FTTH. One of them lives a few hundred meters from the road, so a year's worth of fiber subscription would be a good deal to get that long drop put in place at the same rate as everyone else. We did sign-up, as KPN being the duopolist and in our situation monopolist it has become, has been pushing its prices up every change it gets. FTTH project is only in the establishing the network builder/operator stage, yet. Not many fiber (FTTH) builders/developers left here. But neigbouring municipality has moved into the design stage already.

Of course The public broadcasters' multiplex is unscrambled so there will be more people using it as modern TVs have a built-in DVB-T receiver. And there are many old boxes around.

It will vary by country. Overhere cable used to be an utility, so what 90-95% penetration? That has dropped by several tens of percentage points recently. Other markets are satellite dominated. A few small markets will be OTA oriented.

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