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  • From: "Manfredi, Albert E" <albert.e.manfredi@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2012 16:33:55 -0600

Dan Grimes wrote:

> Bert, I think you and I agree on a philosophical level: an open internet
> and an InternetTV world that is not clogged by manipulation.

Yes, except that I differentiate when it comes to property owners subtracting 
their content. To me, that's annoying but not offensive. It's entirely their 
right to do so.

Example: does an "open Internet" mean that all of my personal information 
should be made available to everyone? No, of course. It means that if I write 
something intended for public consumption, then a third party should not 
censure what I wrote.

Big difference. So, if Fox and others took down their own content from certain 
platforms, for reasons that I found to be valid, then so be it.

> But is it Google that is controlling it or is it the media conglomerates?

Google was setting itself up as the one to control *other parties'* content. 
Not its own content. Think of the media conglomerates content as if it were 
your own private information. You should have the right to withhold it, as they 
should have the right to withhold their content.

BTW, I did not buy into the Wikipedia pretense that preventing piracy is the 
same thing as censuring free speech. As flawed as PIPA might have been, and 
honestly I didn't dig into it deep enough to know, theft is still theft. If 
Hollywood spends millions of dollars to produce a movie, there's no excusing 
that movie being distributed for free without the studio's consent.

And I heard some clueless pundit saying, "Maybe if Hollywood made better 

That's absurd. The whole world wants Hollywood movies. If Hollywood made crappy 
movies, there would be no problem with theft.

I'm quite certain that if refrigerators could be downloaded from the Internet, 
Frigidaire would very much object if someone were to distribute their 
refrigerators for free.


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