[opendtv] Re: Google Said to Weigh Supplying TV Channels

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Monty Solomon posted:


Google Said to Weigh Supplying TV Channels

July 16, 2013

If Google has its way, you might someday get cable television the 
same way you get Gmail: through any ordinary Internet connection.


I guess my frustration with comments such as above is that THIS HAS ALREADY 
HAPPENED. If it's not yet the case for every single channel your typical MVPD 
addict has access to, it has already happened for a whole lot of TV from the 
world over, including the US.

These scribes make it sound like such unlikely newcomers as Google or Intel are 
treading on brand new ground. Instead, all we're talking about here is to have 
more of what Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, and the networks themselves, to name a few 
obvious sources of Internet TV, have been offering for years now. There's no 
reason to think that it will take a Google, Intel, Apple, or Sony, to take this 
Internet TV to the next logical step.

I would say it a different way. I would say hey, wow, how odd, EVEN such 
unlikely newcomers as the above mentioned are trying to get in on the action. 
By dealing directly with the content owners, as the Netflixes and Amazons of 
the world have already been doing for years, more and more hardware and 
software companies are attempting to create even more choice for Internet TV.

There's nothing "entrenched" about the cable and satellite providers any 
longer, than in the minds of the innocent.

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