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On 2/7/07, Manfredi, Albert E <albert.e.manfredi@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dale Kelly wrote:

> Want something else to fret about in your free time? Another
> crises known as world dimming....somewhat akin to my memory,
> I suppose.


Dale, on the contrary, this could be good news. The water vapor part,
more than the pollution part, of course. Because it shows that there are
clever built-in self-regulating mechanisms at work.

"clever"? Anthopomorhism again. No such thing exist. It is not "self

This dimming effect was actually reported widely after Mt Pinatubo
erupted in the Philippines in 1991. It supposedly cooled the planet for
a couple of years. But more to the point, if increased surface heat
creates more water vapor, and that water vapor then shields the planet
from the sun, that should counteract the heating effect.

If you can burn hydrocarbon fuels without creating pollution, just
mainly creating CO2 and H2O as is the case with perfect combustion, then
in principle the heating effects of the CO2 are countered by the cooling
effects of the water vapor from the combustion process as well as from
the warming oceans?

I think we are talking about pollution formed clouds being a bit
different from more clouds formed from a higher average temperature.
More heat means more normal clouds which drop more rain faster in a
generally speeded up higher velocity weather system.

More pollution in the form of small particles means smaller water
droplets that create longer lasting clouds that work as more perfect
mirrors. As we eliminate the particulate pollution  problem or even
level it off we find/will find, it is suggested, that this particle
pollution has masked the far more lethal problem of global warming
from CO2. In fact it may have distorted all the recent studies of
CO2's effects on climate so bad that the real problem we face may be
far greater and be closer at hand than the worst predictions so far.

This was talked about after the first stories that broke on the
contrail phenomenon. This article goes on to bring up the methane
sinks in the oceans and their imminent release.

Removing the contrails after 9/11 caused bigger temperature variations
to occur throughout the day, the very same thing that global warming is
accused of doing.

There seem to be built-in mechanisms that accommodate even some degree
of human madness. And, in principle, why shouldn't this be the case? We
too are natural products of this ecosystem.

It is amazing how you can spin a story that is truly apocalyptic in
its account of a world run amok and talk of clever balancing

"DR PETER COX: We will be in danger of destabilising these things
called methane hydrates which store a lot of methane at the bottom of
the ocean in a kind of frozen form, ten thousand billions tons of this
stuff, and they're known to be destabilised by warming.

NARRATOR: At this point, whatever we did to curb our emissions, it
would be too late. Ten thousand billion tons of methane, a greenhouse
gas eight times stronger than carbon dioxide, would be released into
the atmosphere. The Earth's climate would be spinning out of control,
heading towards temperatures unseen in four billion years. But this is
not a prediction - it is a warning. It is what will happen if we clean
up pollution while doing nothing about greenhouse gases. However, the
easy solution - just keep on polluting and hope that Global Dimming
will protect us - would be suicidal."

And they go on to talk about how ramping up our production of foul air
pollutants would be only a temporary fix to balance off the effect of
more CO2. Craig must love that. Those third world countries that are
rabidly fouling the air with particulate pollution, the REAL kind of
pollution, are actually doing us a favor and masking our CO2 disaster.

Maybe they can make enough of it, making all the junk we want to
import and taking care of all the garbage we want them to take care of
when we are done with it, to maintain our rose colored glasses status
quo long enough for us baby boomers to die off oblivious to the mess
we leave behind.

Bob Miller


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