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Again, I point to the test in Barbados, featuring TV sets dating back to the 1950s.  The "precision" color subcarrier for the 59.94 test transmissions cane from an old Sanyo V-Cord.


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Mark Schubin wrote:

Ø  It's convenient, but it's not strictly necessary.

Ø  The TVs had no trouble switching between 25.00 and 29.97 frames,

Ø  let alone between 29.97 and 30.00, and ALL of them used RF inputs.

The issue is not whether the TVs would sync on 60.00 versus 59.94 Hz,

the issue is whether the visible amount of cross-color and cross-luma

would be acceptable. Assuming that neither the color carrier nor the

audio carrier _can_ be moved from their standard values, then if ATSC  

changes the line frequency then (a lot) more crosstalk will be visible.

It's also quite likely that the comb filters that could repair that will stop

working. (But a TV good enough to have comb filters would also have

better inputs that don't need comb filters.) A cheap converter box

must work also with a RF connection (luma + chroma + audio over a

single cable) to an antique NTSC TV. So, that's why you have 59.94.

Because you don't want to have to answer the phone on millions of

angry viewers. It's just a minor numerical inconvenience to you...



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