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At 1:30 PM -0500 11/5/08, John Shutt wrote:
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But F.C.C. commissioners said they had confidence that
interference could be mitigated through tight regulation of
new devices.

[ ... ]

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. In other words, no, the devices did not
measure up in tests. But we have "faith" that they can. At oleast, this
NY Times article finally said it like it is. That's a change.

So, exactly what "tight regulation" will the FCC impose on these
devices, if the rules they have already set down have been shown not to

Looks to me like a lot of BS on top of BS.


No different than the "faith" the FCC had that ATSC reception problems would be sorted out eventually.

John has a good point here. We launched the US DTV standard on blind faith and waited nearly a decade for the CE industry to put enough resources behind the problem to make it work at an acceptable level; note this does not mean that it works for everyone, everywhere, only that it works most of the time with varying levels of effort by OTA viewers.

There is NOTHING in the rules that the FCC just released that is unworkable. The testing did demonstrate that these devices can co-exist without causing harmful interference, based on the rules that the FCC just issued.

With respect to the testing of white spaces devices, the testing revealed that when designed and operated properly these devices do indeed work as advertised. Yes there were issues with some of the devices that crapped out during testing (thank you Mcrosoft!). But some of the devices worked just fine, and ALL devices that the FCC has now authorized for use in the white spaces will need to pass FCC tests, just as the computer I am writing this message on was submitted for RF testing and passed prior to its commercial availability.

So this is not BS on top of BS, unless you are talking about the stuff spread by the NAB and MSTV for the past 20 plus years to protect the white spaces.


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