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  • From: Bob Miller <bob@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 01:21:11 -0400

Eory Frank-p22212 wrote:

>John Shutt wrote:
>>If the US were to switch to DVB-T COFDM, would there be enough similarities 
>>with a US DVB and an Australian HD DVB set top box to justify a company 
>>building them for the US market, even given the same demand level as ATSC?
>>I think it would be much more likely to be able to "piggy back" the R&D that 
>>went into those Australian HD devices, and have product available here.
>I believe that a "multiple markets" product strategy that is fundamentally 
>based on one product (save software differences and minor hardware 
>differences) would make financial sense. "Piggy backing" the R&D into volume 
>sales is everything. Or as Dermot would say, "it's all about economies of 
>But even with a plug-and-play OTA technology, where mundane things like 
>receiver performance are not an issue, there are so many differences between 
>the US and foreign OTA TV markets that I would not bet my money on OTA DTV 
>commercial success in the US. Not without the presumed (negotiated) carriage 
>by cable & DBS. A single TV broadcaster -- even with multicasting -- cannot 
>offer real competition to the cable/DBS multichannel packages. Ventures like 
>USDTV are a step in the right direction, but not enough, IMHO. Even an 
>offering like Freeview -- wildly successful on its home turf -- would fail 
>miserably here. The fact that it's free is compelling. The fact that it's not 
>the same "basic cable/sat channels" that we're all used to would make it 
>uninteresting to most US TV consumers.
>-- Frank
I disagree with your last statement. In the UK you do have SKY with a 
similar package to our cable and satellite services and sometime this 
year Freeview sales will surpass SKY after only three years. In fact I 
expect SKY sales to stall this year because of Freeview.

There are other ideas than USDTV that will be tried in the US.

Bob Miller
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