[opendtv] Re: Fw: Re: Frames Per Second of 720P

  • From: "Manfredi, Albert E" <albert.e.manfredi@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2008 14:29:51 -0400

Craig Birkmaier wrote:

> Broadcasters are becoming inviable for many reasons that we
> discuss here regularly. The major reason is that the media
> conglomerates don;t need than anymore.

Something has always sounded wrong about this "reason." The congloms
have been using all the media they reasonably can, to get their content
out. For TV material, they have expanded now to the Internet and to cell
phones. It's a given that all of these media give them the same return
for each pair of eyeballs, but they still use them all, to be

I've never understood why the OTA medium should be singled out as the
exception. I don't think it is an exception. Unless, of course, the
rules governing the OTA medium are too onerous for them to want to put
up with. And national caps, and the focus on localism and public
service, certainly qualify as two candidates, IMO.

By the way, to me "the OTA medium" does not necessarily have to be
synoniumous with "broadcasters" that you keep mentioning.

> But it is difficult to manage just 6 MHz of spectrum in a
> manner that will maximize its utility. I suspect we will see
> more M/H bits during the day parts and weekends when people
> are not sitting in their family rooms. Unfortunately, it is
> not practical to offer an HD stream, several SD sub channels
> and and M/H simultaneoulsy. At best, we may see broadcasters
> move the sub-channels into the M/H service to maximize the
> potential audience.

That last idea would be bad news.

I don't think this is so difficult. As you say, during the day it might
make sense to support M/H more so than at night. And if you go by the
bit rates used in online video, 384 Kb/s or so seems quite common. Is
that hard to do with M/H over 8T-VSB? I don't think so. One stream would
require only about 1.5 Mb/s of the 19.39, in the most robust mode.
What's the big deal?

So, maybe during the day they support 3 or so M/H streams each, and at
night no more than one. Three streams takes up 4.5 Mb/s of the 19.39,
leaving room for at least one HD and one SD stream. And with 6 local
stations in a typical market, that could make up to 18 M/H channels
available during the day.

Not half bad, I'd say.

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