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On Mon, Aug 4, 2008 at 10:13 AM, Craig Birkmaier <craig@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> At 9:14 AM -0700 7/30/08, dan.grimes@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> The 700 MHz spectrum is about bits...lots of bits for mobile applications,
> of which TV content may only be a small piece. Not to agree completely with
> Bob, but this spectrum is VERY valuable, and most of that value is derived
> from the ability to use this spectrum for whatever bits consumers demand,
> not just to watch Oprah.
> Regards
> Craig
As to the value of the 700 MHz spectrum, I may have said this before,
sorry. Many think the price paid for 700 MHz spectrum was high, higher
than estimated for sure, but I say not so if you compare to the value
of an average TV station below 52.

Look at the prices paid for the B block in Auction 73 and what AT&T
paid for 54 and 59 from Aloha. (xml attached)

$92 million for Oklahoma City with a million pops but still far short
of what a TV station in Tyler TX went for, $25 million, last year. The
station in Tyler covers 100,000 people saying that Oklahoma City
should be worth 10 times more or $250 million except that the B block
is for TWO channels 53 and 58 which would make Oklahoma worth $500

So Tyler was priced going forward for the mobility of M/H? Channels 53
and 58 can do mobility at 5 times the data rate of M/H IMO. Tyler was
valued at $25 million because it can be carried on cable to most of
those 100,000 homes.

But Oklahoma channels 53 and 58 can be received potentially by ALL
homes in Oklahoma City and ALL cars and ALL laptops and other devices
for the cost of the device if free DTV is being offered. Or
subscription service or a combination.

The Tyler station is limited to 8-VSB and MPEG2 or 8-VSB/MPEG2 and M/H
and MPEG4, either way they are crippled in data rate and are
broadcasting the SAME content with two different modulations.

So are channels 53 and 58 worth even more than $500 million?

Not, you say, if the content, the precious content, that broadcasters
below channel 52 control, is denied to channels 53 and 58 and I say
that dam is leaking, that dam will break and that dam is over rated.
Broadcasters with decent content below 52 will be begging to sell it
to whomever has the best way of delivering it. After all they are
doing it with cable and satellite, they are doing it on the Internet.

53 and 58 are worth a lot of money, more than was recently paid for
them in Auction 73 and 54 and 59 are worth even more.

You could have bought Tyler TX in Auction 73, CMA237-B channels 53 and
58 with a population coverage of 174,000, for $1,270,000.
You could have bought CMA366-B, Hamilton Florida-7 population 118,000
for $131,000
CMA365-B Florida-6 Dixie for $35,000 with a population of 63,000

Of course those same CMA's but for channels 54 and 59 went for

Tyler TX CMA237-B $ZERO minimum bid not met of $45,000 No SALE
Florida-7 CMA366-B $ZERO minimum bid not met of $28,000 No SALE
Florida-6 CMA365-B $ZERO minimum bid not met of $15,000 No SALE

in Auction 44.


Tyler TX CMA237-B for $127,000 to Aloha Partners in Auction 49, can't
find any Florida in Auction 49 for some reason.

Bob Miller

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