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March 21, 2007
From PC to TV -- via Apple

The race to connect your TV to your computer and the Internet is 
about to kick into high gear this week when Apple Inc., the company 
many believe is best positioned to pull off this feat, introduces a 
slender, wireless set-top box called Apple TV.

This silvery little $299 gadget is designed to play and display on a 
widescreen family-room TV set all the music, video and photos stored 
on up to six computers around the house -- even if they are far from 
the TV, and even if they are all Windows PCs rather than Apple's own 
Macintosh models. It can also pull a very limited amount of music and 
video directly off the Internet onto the TV.

Apple TV is tiny, just about eight inches square and an inch high, 
far smaller than a typical DVD player or cable or satellite box, even 
though it packs in a 40-gigabyte hard disk, an Intel processor and a 
modified version of the Mac operating system. And it has a carefully 
limited set of functions.
Yet, in our tests, it worked great, and we can easily recommend it 
for people who are yearning for a simple way to show on their big TVs 
all that stuff trapped on their computers. We tried it with various 
combinations of Windows and Mac computers, with movies, photos, TV 
shows, video clips and music. And we didn't even use the fastest 
wireless network it can handle. It performed flawlessly. However, it 
won't work with older TVs unless they can display 
widescreen-formatted content and accept some newer types of cables.



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