[opendtv] Re: French CSA mandate on DTT (TNT)

  • From: Albert Manfredi <albert.e.manfredi@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2010 18:26:11 -0500

Cliff Benham wrote:
> Perhaps the CSA wants Free over the air
> broadcasting to prosper unlike the FCC.
Oui, precisement. Emphasis on "unlike the FCC."
For the francophones, this video clip is a very interesting key note by one of 
the "Commissioners" of the CSA, Emmanuel Gabla.

The topic is terrestrial DTV and digital radio (which they call respectively 
TNT and RNT, where the NT means "numerique terrestre"), and its relationship 
with TV and radio over the Internet.
He touches on a whole lot of topics we have covered here, but a few interesting 
points are:
1. He says the business model for TV and radio over Internet is still unclear. 
He mentions, for example, that YouTube and Hulu are now considering adding a 
pay service. He differemtiates "catchup TV" over the Internet, which is 
typically free, with VOD, which is for pay. He says TV over Internet has a way 
of not compensating those that most deserve compensation.
2. Looks like in France, 90 percent of VOD is done over ADSL. Meaning, over 
broadband IP, rather than from a cable system.
3. The French government also entrusted regulation of radio and TV over the 
Internet to the CSA.
4. He says that HDTV will become the standard for TV transmission. They have to 
figure out how to make it fit. And he looks at 3DTV on the horizon exacerbating 
this situation.
5. Studies in France have shown that people at this point, anyway, want the 
same TV network content over a potential mobile TV service than they get over 
the TNT.
6. He believes that TNT and RNT will coexist with TV and radio over the 
Internet for a long time, even because it is the only way in the foreseeable 
future to guarantee access to all.
7. He said that in the FRance and in the UK, and he says "never mind in the 
US," kids are on the Internet more than they watch TV. However, he also says 
that more TV is being watched now than ever, and that more TVs have been sold 
than ever. In other words, Internet time is not detracting from TV time. (Could 
that be part of what's causing the obesity crisis?)
8. He also says that more TV watching is being done individually now, rather 
than families around the TV set. (Which I don't find all that surprising, 
especially when considering how much smaller the nuclear family has become in 
western countries, not to mention how much cheaper TV sets are.)
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