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  • From: Bob Miller <bob@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 13:53:25 -0500

In Mark's Memo today he says...

"Freeview DTT is up to about 23% with 5.775 million households (another 545,000 
get free satellite service):"

Just like to point out that 5.775 million households are those that are 
FreeView DTT ONLY!! Actual Freeview households are far higher.

"1.3 In this report, DTT (Freeview) homes are defined as those households where 
DTT is the only digital TV platform. Therefore a household with satellite or 
cable on the primary TV set and DTT on a second set, would be counted as a 
satellite or cable home."

This does not include any home that has satellite or cable and ALSO a Freeview 
receiver or even maybe two of them.

*"4 Ofcom estimates for the number of homes where DTT is the only digital 
platform, the total number of all homes with DTT will therefore be higher."*

If in the UK every household had a cable or satellite service and at least one 
Freeview receiver then the number of Freeview households would be ZERO in this 
way of measuring. A useful figure would be the number of households that had at 
least one Freeview receiver no matter what else they had.

They have sold 8.9 million Freeview receivers and they estimate that there are 
SEVEN million Freeview homes NOT 5.775 million homes. That figure will rise by 
1.5 million this quarter to 8.5 million Freeview households and 10.9 million 
sales of receivers IMO.

"3.9 The total number of DTT enabled TV sets in the market is now estimated to 
be over 8 million. After allowing for DTT overlap on additional sets, the total 
number of all homes capable of receiving DTT broadcasts is estimated to be 
around 7 million."

Bob Miller

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