[opendtv] Re: Frames Per Second of 720P

  • From: Cliff Benham <flyback1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 15:04:57 -0400

Verizon Fios is falling flat because of  the company's sales tactics.

Although they denied this in a consumer action news report on the local Philadelphia ABC affiliate last week, you have to beat them over the head to sign up for Fios TV AND still keep your wire phone service instead of having it switched to fiber.

In fact to get Fios that way you have to pay for the new service monthly with a credit card instead of having it appear on the verizon bill with your phone line.

The reason is Verizon [and probably others] want to move all your services to fiber is so they can then sell your copper line to another phone company. If you decide to go for everything on fiber, then change your mind later, you can't go back to your copper line because [they claim] it's been sold and no longer exists as a Verizon system product.

Another problem with Fios is that Verizon wants to install a fiber to RF/phone line converter unit *inside your home* and power it from your electric utility service. It can't be installed outside [Verizon claims.] Other utilities place their disembarcation equipment outside your home.

If you decide to discontinue Fios service Verizon makes it extremely difficult to get your copper phone line placed back in service and get the Fios equipment removed without paying a considerable removal charge. Verizon denied all this in the CH 6 report on TV last week. Their official policy may be very different from how they coach their Fios sales force to operate.

I had a long conversation about all these points with a Verizon sales person and finally told them there was no way I would ever become a Fios customer as long as their sales tactics were so consumer unfriendly.

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