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  • Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 14:34:19 -0400

Verizon V-Cast is $3 per day or $10 per month, your choice.

My choice is of course free. But as you have pointed out time and again in past years to Bob Miller, how many new eyeballs do M/H video add to a broadcaster's cume, and how many ad dollars does that add up to?

If Qualcomm and Verizon/AT&T cannot make a subscription service profitable, what chance do a nationwide patchwork quilt of local broadcasters partnered with second tier mobile providers have?

If there aren't enough more measurable eyeballs, then what chance does a free service have?

Can't have it both ways.

My prediction is that at best broadcasters will install the minimum ATSC M/H gear at the transmitter, and provide a straight simulcast of their primary channels. No muss, no fuss, minimal expense, and basically written off as a cost of doing business. This would satisfy portable video devices, in-vehicle devices, and laptops, and theoretically also satisfy (if perhaps less so) cell phone users.

However, if it is a free service, what incentive do cell phone providers have in including the tuner in handsets? Do they provide AM/FM tuners now? No. Why did they start putting in cameras? Because of consumer demand? NO, because of data transmission fees when you send a picture to someone else. If there is no subscription, there is no service in a cell phone.


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Double-digit per month churn rates means that within a year, there are no
phones in use, just a few people who haven't given up on the limited and
expensive service.

$326 million in sunk costs, $55 million per year in expenses and zero
revenues (even I didn't predict such a low level of revenues) means it's
unsustainable unless something is done.

Compare $15-$20 per month to FREE, and much content, including local news.

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