[opendtv] Re: Frames Per Second of 720P

  • From: "John Willkie" <johnwillkie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 08:57:14 -0700


I found the report interesting, in that some decisions have been made along
the way, and they seemed to have been informed by things I hadn't heard of,
and I see now that some of those seem to have come from this document.  Of
course, I can say no more about what, etc.

"The report wrote:

 > (b) there is no provision in the proposed ATSC standard for
 > auto-selection logic to have the DTV tuner default to the M/H DTV signal
 > only when the main DTV signal is not available.236 Therefore, at 
least for
 > the period of consideration used in this report (2008-2012), laptops 
are not
 > considered a M/H DTV business opportunity for broadcasters (but do
 > constitute an audience-expanding opportunity for the main DTV signal
 > which, in turn, could augment broadcaster advertising revenues)."

Doe anybody understand this one?  I don't see it essential to be in the 
  standard as, first, there are yet no dual M/H laptop receivers and, 
second, a laptop receiver is probably software driven and could easily 
add this option if it seemed it would sell.  Finally, even a very stupid 
user could probably decide to change to another (M/H) channel if the 
full channel could not be received.  I'd personally rather be in control 
of the process."

I found this assertion to be curious.  As we've discussed here in other
contexts, ATSC standards generally don't mandate receiver behavior, only the
interface between a transmission device and a reception device.  (one of the
contexts was the tortured language relating to a Directed Channel Change
Reference Receiver (DCCRR).  

I frankly don't understand the rationale, or the conclusion.  It will be
interesting to see if the candidate standard has provisions to "correct"

There is also extensive discussion of the effect of Google, Android, and the
last airwaves auction, and predictions that didn't come true just a few
weeks after the report was released.

Another part that is interesting to me is that the report asserts that a
candidate standard will be released by Feb. 17, 2009.  As has been mentioned
publicly, the current time-scale is to have a final standard by that date,
with the candidate standard sometime between now and then.  (I haven't seen
the cs release date in any publicly-available document.)

John Willkie

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