[opendtv] Forwarded for Doug McDonald (Re: Is this Apple's iTV?)

  • From: Craig Birkmaier <craig@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2012 11:05:17 -0400

I think it ALL is degraded for transmission or sale.

I recently got a 1080p (@120) TV. It looks great on live 1080i OTA TV.
Live OTA 720p is pretty much as good. 720p material converted by Comcast to
1080i for transmission (as usual, a stupid thing to do) look slightly worse.

I expected bluray to be better because it is 1080p. So I found a 1080p test disk
file on the web and burned it. It looks really really great, but of course it
is computer generated content. So I bought what I expected to be
a great movie disk (set), expected since it is a super-big seller (Harry Potter).
It's not great. In fact its near unwatchable unless you turn on the
motion compensation. Then it looks, well, like a movie! Not really
high resolution.

I recently purchased a Canon 7D DSLR that does real, native, 1080@24 or 30p.
It has all the controls you need including manual everything and settings
for color balance, etc. And of course the lenses are so superior to the
resolution that aliasing and moire can be a problem.  But ... the pictures
really are better. Stunningly better. Shutter speed does matter: slower
is better if you want smooth motion. It  is sharp, clear, no artifacts
(well, moire if not careful) perfect color, absolutely no noise, etc. I
did a movie of my secretary just typing at her desk. She has a big puffy
shiny hairdo and the motion of it is a thing of beauty to behold its so real looking.
I also did a movie of students walking around our quad ... very very nice.

I did 720@60p too and it looks OK but of course this is a 1080TV so
resizing is not perfect and artifacts are visible. It looks great actually played at
720 on a computer monitor.

Doug McDonald

P.s. this may bounce from the list so I'm sending it to you personally too.

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