[opendtv] FW: Re: News: Experts question quality of local HDTV

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I beg to differ, regardless of the spelling.

Table 3 (now A-3) has always been part of A/53, but it was never adopted by
the FCC.

Of course, you made a broader statement, and you said when they "adopted the
ATSC standards".  I've never heard of them adopting A/80 or A/81, yet
they're ATSC standards for DBS.

But your confusing language also says the "last time" the FCC adopted 'the
ATSC standards', so that means more than one.

The last time that I am familiar with that the FCC considered adopting ATSC
standards by reference, they made A/65b (the March 18, 2003 edition)
mandatory.  Even in that case, they adopted by reference MOST but not all of
A/65, and they considered but did not incorporate Active Format Description
(AFD) in the then-latest version of A/53, despite the insistence of the

One also needs to consider what table A-3 would have done -- straightjacket
broadcasters as to video formats, contemplate why the FCC excluded that
language, then contemplate the effect of the main video service language
you've pointed out in A/53e, factor in the new faces on the commission and
their attitudes, and handicap whether they are inclined to approve such
restrictive language.  Heck, even contemplate whether such an effect is
within the jurisdiction of the Commission.

I think not.

John Willkie

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> > The last time the FCC adopted the ATSC standards, it adopted them in
> hole,
> Er, in whole.

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