[opendtv] Re: FW: News: iTunes, iPod really about Quicktime

  • From: "Kon Wilms" <kon@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Henry Baker <hbaker1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, "Kon Wilms" <kon@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 14:39:17 -0500

> Good luck!  Most Windows programs, including some from Microsoft, don't
> observe the user interface guidelines, so why should Quicktime be
> any different?  In particular, the adherence to keyboard shortcuts is
> almost non-existent on Windows apps.

They still keep the basic appearance or title bar. Are you trying to say
that just because one application doesn't adhere to the guidelines its
ok for everyone to break the rules?

As for shortcuts, most if not all *microsoft* applications use them.
When you build an app on windows you can choose not to implement them. A
HIG is something to obey, not something that is forced on you. For this
reason you can't say apps dont adhere because some clueless VB developer
didn't take the time to add shortcut keys.
> On the other hand, Apple apps are far more uniform in their observance of
> Apple guidelines than are Windows apps observant of Windows guidelines.

Ha. I think not (although I will give you some credit ala OfficeXP -
although it doesn't step as wildly outside the box as QT player).

For starters, you need to compare apples with apples. So, compare
Microsoft applications on Windows with Apple applications on OSX.
Lumping in 3rd party developers doesn't count.

From Apple's guidelines: "Avoid using the textured window appearance in
applications or utilities that are unrelated to digital peripherals or
to the data associated with these devices."

That's why Safari is in brushed metal, right?

Quicktime player is a user interface disaster even on OSX:

Additionally, Microsoft observes the Mac HIG to a greater degree on apps
it has for OSX (Office) than Mac does for apps that run on windows. And
I can understand why - Microsoft has no competition on the Office
desktop for Mac, whereas Apple has to compete with Windows Media Player
- and the 'chrome look' is their attempt to separate themselves from the
masses. Unfortunately, everyone gets ticked off by the annoying
interface instead of using it because some jarhead at Apple thinks it is
a 'good idea' to step outside of the 'windows HIG'.

The Gnome desktop HIG is probably the most well-enforced HIG I have
seen. You have no chance of getting a application into the core system
without obeying the HIG. And most applications that are released by 3rd
party developers and listed on sites like gnomefiles are hammered by
people if they do not obey the HIGs.

> At 11:02 AM 12/22/2004, Kon Wilms wrote:
> >Also, when will the Quicktime player developers OBSERVE THE USER
> >INTERFACE GUIDELINES ON WINDOWS? Enough of the crappy brushed metal look
> >already.

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