[opendtv] FW: [Multimedia] Droit d'auteur: les députés français légalisent les échanges de fichiers

  • From: "Silvio Macedo" <s.macedo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 13:25:47 -0000

Two very different realities.=20
In my opinion, both very silly:

The naive French law makers:
> Luis Gustavo Martins wrote:
> Subject: [Multimedia] Droit d'auteur: les d=E9put=E9s fran=E7ais=20
> l=E9galisent les =E9changes de fichiers
> In France, it is now LEGAL to download ANY SONG or
>  MOVIE through P2P networks as long as it is for a
> non-profit purpose (ie: sitting on your couch=20
> enjoying a beer).=20
> Thanks French deputies, you rock.=20
> [Info too fresh, no translation yet. This article will
> be replaced by an English version as soon as it is translated.]
> http://www.kretz.biz/p2p.htm=20

The simply plain ignorant US law makers:
The Digital Transition Content Security Act would embed anticopying
technology into the next generation of digital video products. If it
makes its way from Capitol Hill to the Oval Office and becomes law,
the measure will outlaw the manufacture or sale of electronic devices
that convert analog video signals into digital video signals,
effective one year from its enactment. PC-based tuners and digital
video recorders are listed among the devices.  [can you actually
believe this one?!?]


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