[opendtv] Re: FCC seventh further notice of proposed rule making

  • From: "Albert Manfredi" <bert22306@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 20:42:55 -0400

Bob Miller wrote:

In the UK they have sold 15 million receivers even though they are
operating at an average of 3 kW of power per station

I'm sure there are people who can give you some authoritative explanations as to the relevance or even veracity of this comment you make. But just for grins, I went and searched out a few basic facts, which by the way took very little time (which means you could have done this yourself). This is what I found, specifically about Crystal Palace. Just trying to end the misinformation stream.

The ERP of their UHF channels is 20 KW per DTT multiplex, not 3 KW. I know you said "average" without specifying which transmitters, but maybe that was just to give the wrong impression. And this site


also provides a rough coverage contour. To get an idea of range scale, the distance between Crystal Palace and Croydon is about 1 mile as the crow flies. I take it, this coverage is achieved using 16-QAM. So, no magic going on here, nor in Berlin, where I pointed out the same basic facts.

Nor in Rome, where the minute they reduced power for all but the RAI channels, even within a few miles LOS of the transmitters, indoor reception was lost.

flyback1 wrote:

Can you say "Lets KILL OTA Broadcasting?"

Seems like backwards thinking to me. Can you say, "Who needs pay TV when OTA works just fine, and usually transmits far superior quality than digiital cable and DBS?"


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