[opendtv] Re: FCC seventh further notice of proposed rule making

  • From: "Manfredi, Albert E" <albert.e.manfredi@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 16:17:09 -0400

Dale Kelly wrote:

> Your right on the money Tom. A certain network began
> positioning their business for this change as early as
> eight years ago and the others soon followed that lead.
> Early warnings from those recognizing the networks long
> term intent were generally ignore by broadcast company
> (non-network) executives and many still do not "get it".

I might be missing some boat or other here, but I thought that in the
past, the major networks may have wanted to be free of the affiliate
structure, but not of OTA altogether. What's new about this Disney
announcement posted by Craig is that Disney is apparently looking for
more trendy media and not for more of their own traditional OTA network.
And by the way, radio was included there too. Anything that is (I guess)
FOTA is supposedly being devalued by Disney.

If it's the major networks talking, that's fair game, as far as I'm
concerned. It's their business, and they are certainly free to run it
into the ground or morph it into something different from today. I
figure others would step in and make use of the public spectrum for what
it was intended.

I mean, just because GM has a falling share of the US auto market
*certainly* does not mean that Americans have tired of driving cars. Far
from it.

For example, as far as I'm concerned, an interested organization such as
Sinclair could buy all of ABC's national OTA facilities and make a go of
it themselves. The national cap should be raised to 100 percent, IMO. So
let Disney run the value down, then Sinclair can snap it up for a song.

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