[opendtv] FCC seventh further notice of proposed rule making

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  • Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 16:21:16 -0400

The FCC's "final" decision on DTT channel allocations.

The 17 Feb 2007 analog cutoff date is mentioned again. Is it going to

I note that the VHF stations in DC, Channels 7 (ABC) and 9 (CBS), are
only allowed 15 KW and 17 KW ERP, in this band. Wow. For the US, that's
low power, even in the VHF band.

Looks like Cliff will do okay. Philadelphia gets to keep only one VHF
channel, for WPVI. At only 2.55 KW ERP. (!) They get 74.1 KW ERP in

I also note that many of the DTT stations that remain in UHF retain
their current DTT channel. Does this mean that for all time, we'll be
using the "virtual channel" allocation?

For example, WETA-TV is Ch 26, WETA-DT is Ch 27 actual, Ch 26 virtual.
After Ch 26 is vacated, WETA will likely continue to be called 26, but
will reside on Ch 27. What if some new broadcaster wants to occupy 26?
Some other virtual channel has to be named for him.

Weird. On the other hand, cell phone companies have had to do something
very similar to this to the E.164 telephone number scheme in the US. The
numbers become nothing more than unique but arbitrary identifiers, where
they originally contained implicit geographical information.

What tangled webs we weave.



By this action, the Commission undertakes the final step in the channel
election process established in its Second DTV Periodic Report and Order
and begins the final stage of the transition of the nation's broadcast
television system from analog to digital television ("DTV").
Specifically, in this Seventh Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making
("Notice" or "Seventh FNPRM"), the Commission proposes a new DTV Table
of Allotments ("DTV Table"), providing all eligible stations with
channels for DTV operations after the DTV transition.

In developing the proposed new allotments, the Commission has attempted
to accommodate broadcasters' channel preferences as well as their
replication and maximization service area certifications (made via FCC
Form 381).3 Our proposed DTV Table is based upon the tentative channel
designations ("TCDs") announced for eligible broadcast licensees and
permittees (collectively, "licensees") through the channel election
process, along with our efforts to promote overall spectrum efficiency
and ensure that broadcasters provide the best possible service to the
public, including service to local communities. Once effective, the
proposed DTV Table will guide stations in determining their build-out
obligations. The proposed DTV Table will ultimately replace the existing
DTV Table at the end of the DTV transition, when analog transmissions by
full-power television broadcast licensees must cease. The current DTV
Table will govern stations' DTV operations until the end of the DTV
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