[opendtv] Re: FCC issues changes for switch to digital television

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Unfortunately, the FCC didn't mandate use of Active Format Description, but
they did hint that if the ATSC mandates it's use, they will make it

I liked Commissioner Adelstein's separate comment, to the extent that this
should have been done a year ago.  I was so enraged about the delay (this
was supposed to be the third biennial review, not the "third periodic
review" that I didn't comment in the proceeding.  Rage isn't a way to get
the Commission to do something.  If I had commented, I would have been the
only party to support making AFD mandatory.

Those on my PSIP list got a digest of the changes that the FCC requires in
PSIP/PSI, and I sent it before the new year arrived.

John Willkie

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Interesting idea, to allow analog stations to shutdown before 17 Feb
2009. Although history has shown that most broadcasters are not likely
to take such action of their own accord, unless they feel like they have
no OTA audience anyway.

I agree with Commissioner Copps that a market-by-market approach would
have been easier to swallow. Maybe this new latitude will help.


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