[opendtv] FCC chief derides 'stealth process' of digital TV transition

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I'm not sure what this "equivalent of $400M" really means, spent in the
"Digital UK" program, but the message is certainly right.


FCC chief derides 'stealth process' of digital TV transition

Loring Wirbel
(04/17/2007 12:40 PM EDT)
URL: http://www.eetimes.com/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=199100221

LAS VEGAS - The February 2009 transition to all-digital television
broadcast is a "stealth process" compared with the U.S. government's
education campaign around Y2K computer calendar issues, Federal
Communications Commission Commissioner Michael J. Copps said Tuesday
morning (April 17). Speaking at an FCC regulatory breakfast at the
National Association of Broadcasters conference here, Copps said he sees
legitimacy in Rep. John Dingell's characterization of the transition as
a "fine mess."

"I am really worried about this whole transition and the lack of
awareness," Copps said. "The guiding principle should probably be 'no
consumer left behind,' but we are not placing enough emphasis on getting
the message out."

Copps said that the money appropriated in the Department of Commerce
budget for funding set-top boxes for some communities is likely to be
cut during budget debates, while the $5 million allocation by industry
and government for educating the public is inconsequential. The
government of Great Britain has committed the equivalent of $400 million
in its "Digital U.K." program for contacting every citizen, more than
once, on the impact of the digital transition. The United States sorely
needs an equivalent effort, he said.

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