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  • Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 19:42:08 -0400

Bob Miller wrote:

I'm afraid you're still missing the boat, Bob, because you
continue to think that this is about modulation. Instead,
it's all about how easy it is to sucker the US buying public
into subscription schemes.

I'm afraid you are missing the boat also Bert, it IS all about the modulation.

DBS worked. It is a subscription scheme and does not use COFDM.

TiVo worked. A subscription scheme to copy free or already-paid-for TV. And does not use COFDM. (Has something similar worked in Europe? Don't think so, but I'm not sure.)

I'm surprised someone hasn't marketed a subscription scheme for your morning cup of coffee.

Or maybe with one more try from USDTV 8-VSB will prove me
wrong. NOT! USDTV is out of bankruptcy again. One more for
the gipper.

Interesting. Actually, that's a good example, because even with COFDM, that sort of subscription service has failed in more than one country. We'll see whether French DTT can pull it off, since they want to offer a mix. What your takeaway ought to be is that modulation seems not to be a factor, when offering OTA TV with a subscription fee. People are not quite willing to pay X for something, when slightly more will get them a lot more programming. And this also applies with COFDM.

IBOC ismoch, in the end when enough 700 MHz or below spectrum
is open for business  you will see competition that will erase most of
what we now call radio and TV whether satellite, telco, cable or

It will be a different ballgame.

How much do you want to bet? I think a mistake a lot of marketers make is that they believe, in their zeal for whatever new wigit they're selling, that existing wigits will become obsolete. It does occasionally happen, but it's very rare. One sort of humorous example was the Segway scooter thng, which was supposed to "revolutionize" the way we go about our daily business. Aside from an occasional appearance in music videos, just how many do we see around?

We're off to the movies. They're also still hanging in there.


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