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On 10/14/06, Albert Manfredi <bert22306@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Bob Miller wrote:

>No one going to mention broadband over power lines or gas
>pipes? Of course neither of those will leak right?

My Dilbert daily calendar had one cartoon about Dilbert's company working on
broadband over sewer lines. Is that the sort of thing we're talking about?

No, gas lines and power lines is what I was talking about but sewer
lines are another option. There was or is or are companies doing or
thinking of doing them all. The sewer option included a pig like in
oil pipes to carry the fiber they lay there. I think gas lines are the
best option of these.

>It looks like a full court press on OTA spectrum to me. Has since 2000.

>The only fly in this ointment is the success that OTA is having over
>there, over just about any there. And this will all come to pass in
>early 2009??? Just after China shows off its new OTA at the Olympics
>in the summer of 2008.

I'm afraid you're still missing the boat, Bob, because you continue to think
that this is about modulation. Instead, it's all about how easy it is to
sucker the US buying public into subscription schemes.

I'm afraid you are missing the boat also Bert, it IS all about the
modulation. With the right modulation a free OTA is a viable option.
In the UK a free OTA is attracting former cable networks back to ad
supported free OTA which is growing faster than anything else.

Same would/could have happened here with the right modulation. Or
maybe with one more try from USDTV 8-VSB will prove me wrong. NOT!
USDTV is out of bankruptcy again. One more for the gipper.

*Precisely* the same thing is happening to so-called HD Radio. The tactics
used in your consumer electronics stores are identical, even though the IBOC
radio system uses your cure-all modulation.

The tactics may be the same, is the outcome the same? I think that has
not been decided.

IBOC ismoch, in the end when enough 700 MHz or below spectrum is open
for business  you will see competition that will erase most of what we
now call radio and TV whether satellite, telco, cable or whatever.

It will be a different ballgame.

The tigers are going to win this one and the next four against the
Mets IMO. Rooting for the old home team this year. Happen to be in
Michigan this week.

Read this article. It describes my experience with HD Radio, which also
describes my experience with DTT, to a T. Customers are always diverted away
from the FTA options to yet another subscription scheme, and often are
completely mislead about the true costs. I've *always* had the salesman try
to steer me over to satellite radio when asking about HD radio.


IMO, to combat this white spaces regulation, what broadcasters should do is
to get in there first, so as to ensure that whatever use this spectrum is
put to does not interfere with the broadcasts. Use it to offer Internet
access, use it for low power TV, use it for low power translators. In other
words, play the game.

Not many of them got in there with Auctions 44 or 49 where pennies
bought 700 MHz spectrum why would you expect them to get into spectrum
that is free? They would have no edge, no government decree from
trusted Congressional critters. They are all about government
monopolies not free competition. Must carry and such.

They are looking the other way while others will hit broadcast balls
out of the park.

Bob Miller


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