[opendtv] Re: FCC Seeks Comments on Bird Collisions

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  • Date: Sun, 05 Nov 2006 19:25:51 -0500

Perhaps the FCC should be more concerned with the possibility of planes and helicopters hitting towers than birds?

Manfredi, Albert E wrote:

flyback1 wrote:

How about consdering it as further evidence that the FCC is ultimately
going to eliminate all over the air broadcasting by making all towers
illegal to protect the birds. That includes AM, FM and TV.

The commissioners appear to have a balanced view on this. Didn't seem
inclined to ban all comm towers.

Commissioner Adelstein wrote, "At the same time, communication towers
represent a critical component in the continued deployment of basic and
advanced telecommunications services throughout the country. Towers not
only will form the backbone of the transition to digital television,
they also are used everyday by our nation's public safety community to
effectively and timely respond to those who need our help the most. So I
am pleased that our Notice asks tough questions and equally explores
both sides of the issue so that we may best develop a strategic approach
for dealing with the impact that communication towers have on migratory

Commissioner Copps wrote, "We are not faced here with an all-or-nothing
choice. Communications towers are essential to modern American life, we
all understand that. Without them, we could not watch television, listen
to the radio, make cell phone calls, or enjoy the next generation of
wireless broadband services. But even as the Commission fulfills its
mission to facilitate all these exciting and important technologies, we
must also be mindful of the effects we have on the nation's fragile

Commissioner McDowell wrote, "I look forward to working closely with my
colleagues and all stakeholders to ensure that the Commission moves
forward to carefully balance the need to protect against avian
mortalities associated with communications towers, while not unduly
hampering the ability of industry to deliver new, advanced services to
American consumers as quickly and economically as possible."

Jonas is right. What about power lines, sky scrapers with glass
reflective sides, and wind farms? Michael Copps did say, though, that
communications towers fall under the FCC's jurisdiction. So they have to
do something about towers, not buildings or wind farms.

Looks like they are after new lighting rules for towers.


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