[opendtv] Re: FCC Eliminates Simulcast Rules

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The only word that I see that makes any difference is "requirement". It 
does not say that broadcasters "will not carry/should not carry on their 
digital channel the
programming aired on their analog channel."

What else (of value) would we possibly WANT to carry? The entire nature 
of this digital transition being successful relies on moving your 
eyeballs form analog to digital! What you "SHOULD" see on the digital 
channel (given a little more time) is BETTER than what you have today. 
In many ways. Compelling ways. If it is to be a business, you (viewers) 
must make the swap. What do we need to do to get that done?


Cliff Benham wrote:

>The original article makes it appear that local and network programming
>normally seen on analog will NOT be seen on Digital channels.
>Isn't that what the following excerpt says?
>"...we [the FCC] will eliminate, for the time being, the
>requirement that broadcasters air on their digital channel the
>programming aired on their analog channel."
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>Not really sure what point you are trying to make? Can't you receive DTV =
>from your location? If you can, you will have a terrific selection of=20
>programming, particularly if you are watching SBG HDTV broadcasts! :-)
>Am I missing something here? I thought we were trying to get away from=20
>analog...because people like you want us to... ;-)
>Cliff Benham wrote:
>>Great. This makes "FCC sense" as usual.
>>Now, we will all have to watch 90% of local and network programming
>>in crappy analog cable or off-air conditions.
>>Few broadcasters bother to insert the ghost cancellation test signal
>>and no TVs, VCRs, DVD recorders or cable set top boxes, EVEN those
>>made by PHILIPS, include the ghost cancellation circuitry necessary
>>to make NTSC watchable on a 30 inch widescreen TV or larger.


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