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KPN is just going for low hanging fruit, and (v)dsl with low(er) service levels. Since the full consolidation of Reggefiber it stopped building fiber. But we are not going to see VDSL with pair bonding and so on, in area's not build out already. I am sceptical of G.Fast let alone G.Ufast. Germany had an national effort to establish a national cable network back in 82, that was dissolved and sold off by the early 2000s, Liberty tried many years ago to put two of the big cable co's back together but got a no from the cartel regulator. But I don't remember all the details and even many of the major items;-).

Here's some historic data from the German build out years 82-96: https://books.google.nl/books?id=5JQmBgAAQBAJ&pg=PA229&lpg=PA229&dq=kabel+deutschland+1982&source=bl&ots=P5g7D4Iz2o&sig=YKd9UXeKJWtZNsZYFz_PeRD-3qw&hl=nl&sa=X&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=kabel%20deutschland%201982&f=false

UK is mostly SKY, Virgin (Liberty), and now BT with the country's first 4K sportchannel, that just announced it will ad HDR and Dolby ATMOS to its 4K channel(s).

And yes the public broadcasters did indicate they are looking to put on the HD version of their 3 channels following a switch to DVB-T2. But what HD! Remember the wonderful BBC HD on satellite that saw a 50% bitrate reduction ahead of the HD DTT launch, to hide, not highlight, the poor quality of the terrestrial trial/service. Excuse by the BBC Head Tech Honco, looks good at 5 times picture height. Duh that is twice the resolving distance of HD, so you don't offer HD;-).

Nope All the major broadcasters (not that uptight US definition, like a channel or a station is the same, a programming stream;-)) offer HD, but OTA is the bottom of the heap/barrel. 4K is still in short supply though. Just the few trial channels ever one in the world has to work with. KPN did have a 1000 user trial this summer, and it had to borrow the EURO 16 4K coverage from Belgium, carrying the Flemish Public Broadcaster VRT's special channel. Yup the same VRT that hosted that ALL-IP live production studio trial project, widely publicised ahead of IBC.

In France there is a platform that carries the traditional broadcast broadcast channels, to combat the limited terrestrial coverage.

Manfredi, Albert E schreef op 18-11-2016 4:41:

Donald Cooleman schreef:

Here in Holland KPN used to have upto around 900K DVB-T subscribers
(885K in early 2010, or about twice the non-ethnic satellite
penetration) this has dropped to below half a million (487K May 2015)
in a 7 million household, 17 million inhabitants country.

Last I saw on this, Germany and the Benelux countries are heavy in
cable or MVPDs in general, whereas countries like the UK, Italy, and
France rely more on FOTA. I think part of the problem is the short
supply of OTA spectrum, in these countries.

Also, some Euro countries, like Norway, actually do transmit HD over
DVB-T. But still, this has to be simulcast.

KPN has been pushing prices up, blaming this on smaller subscriber
base, as it has actively been moving people to its broadband all-in-one
(dsl in large part its fiber subsidiary stopped building fiber)

Sounds like Verizon FiOS and Google Fiber here. People love to rave
about FTTH being "the only way to go," and then reality rears its ugly
head. And still they rave.

So KPN behaves much like MVPDs do here, although KPN also has a pay
OTA TV component, which uses encryption. That's the big difference. In
the US, there were very few scrambled OTA channels in the analog,
pre-cable era, but now its FOTA if it is OTA.

From what you wrote, sounds like HDTV is in short supply?


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