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Grainy analog means low signal levels for that.  One can buy a 19db amplifier 
from Wal-Mart for about $20 bucks.

MOST dtv reception problems are too much signal.  This sounds like a different 

Him moving to Australia might have the same issues.

Me, I tend to know the general reception conditions before I move.  Learned 
that decades back, when the parent's home could only get two local tv stations, 
but people 600 feet away up a hill, got dozens, as far away as Santa Barbara.

John Willkie

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>I wonder if Jeff's experience would have been any different in say, Sydney?
>Via Television Broadcast Magazine, October 2006
>Easier Said Than Done
>By Jeffrey Ulrich
>I recently moved from New York to Georgia. Yes, we've all moved at one time 
>or another in our lives, but I'll share this one with you while it's still 
>fresh in my mind.
>The experience reminded me of just where television stands in life's grand 
>pecking order. Before the move, I was fixated on how the moving crew would 
>be protecting my precious 65-inch Mitsubishi HDTV. Will it be crated? 
>Wrapped how many times? How many men will carry it? Don't screw up my ISF 
>Once in Atlanta, my priorities changed. WHERE'S A DAMN CAN OPENER! All of a 
>sudden, my focus was elsewhere. Even the most organized of moves can leave 
>you frustrated as you seek to reconnect with all that was once familiar. New 
>house, new city, new schools and new job all took precedent over TV.
>Among the items temporarily lost in the shuffle was a simple set of rabbit 
>ears. I did find my rooftop UHF antenna and rotor, and that 7-foot 
>shimmering swath of metal had a temporary home in my living room...until my 
>wife walked in. Ultimately, I found the rabbit ears, and watched a grainy, 
>static-filled signal from the local broadcast stations for two weeks.
>Digital reception? I tried-and I know what I'm doing! Locking in on a 
>digital signal was nearly impossible with my rabbit ears. I'm looking 
>forward to the day when I can install that aforementioned rooftop antenna, 
>as I'm sure a treasure trove of HD and multicast signals awaits me here in 
>the nation's 9th largest market. Absent that, I found myself stuck at home 
>on a Saturday afternoon from 2 'til 5, waiting for the cable guy to arrive.
>And arrive he did. Now I've got VOD, HDTV, PPV and hundreds of channels to 
>choose from. My broadband connection is speedy, and it'll take me months to 
>figure out all the bells & whistles that accompany my VOIP-based digital 
>phone service.
>My point to the broadcast station community is this: Most people do not have 
>the patience, the equipment or the knowledge in order to watch your free 
>over-the-air signal anymore. It's easier to buy a bundled package from a 
>satellite, cable or even a telecom provider these days.
>Do you disagree? Just wait until analog signals disappear in February 2009. 
>How many kitchen and bedroom TVs will be rendered signal-less just over two 
>years from now?
>It's all about your content, folks. I used to think that broadcasters had an 
>innate signal distribution advantage, but my recent efforts to secure a 
>"watchable" signal have me reconsidering that position. Your station's 
>promotion manager is more important now than ever before.
>Jeffrey Ulrich is the new business and convergence sales manager at WGCL, 
>Atlanta, GA. His opinions are his own and do not necessarily reflect the 
>position of Meredith Corporation. He can be reached through his website, 
>www.hidefjeff.com, or at HiDefJeff@xxxxxxxxxx
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