[opendtv] Re: Early COFDM / ATSC Receiver differences

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Make that "DVB folks" in my second paragraph!

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Subject: Early COFDM / ATSC Receiver differences

> Bert wrote
>>The way I see it, if COFDM receivers worked but ATSC receivers
> did not, what were the differences? Well, the above 3 points
> (each related to multipath equalization issues) were obvious differences.
> In fact, even COFDM receivers had a tough time in Brazil E. I don't
> think there's any huge mystery here.<
> Agreed.
> A fourth difference is that the tested COFDM receivers likely utilized 
> the DVB's RF front-end specification. I assume that the ATSC receivers
> simply used current off the shelf analog front ends since there was no
> ATSC recommendation at that time.
> However, the DBS folks, who seemingly understood this issue a bit
> better than did ATSC, wrote a solid receiver specification into their
> system. It is said to be voluntary in nature, however, if manufacturers 
> intend to place the DBS name upon a receiver, they must abide by that
> specification (as I understand it).

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