[opendtv] Re: Doug Lung series on OFDM

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  • Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2012 19:54:24 -0600

Craig Birkmaier wrote:

> Over the years, Bert has often cited articles by Doug Lung when we
> discuss RF standards - the infamous 8VSB vs COFDM debate.
> So I expect Bert will find this three part series by Lung, on a what
> would be required for broadcasters to transition to a new COFDM
> broadcast standard, to be of interest.
> Lot's of interesting stuff here for further discussion, but the fact
> that Lung is tackling this issue says volumes...

I'll take a look, but honestly, that debate is hardly interesting anymore. 
Reason being, the main topic of discussion is whether one-way broadcast as the 
sole transmission protocol has much of a future. Just like we discussed some 
time ago, what the broadcasters claim to want (e.g. per your other posting 
today), and what consumers have come to expect more and more, amounts to access 
to the TV broadcast content via 2-way networks. Wired or wireless.

That being the case, I can't blame broadcasters (i.e. local broadcasters and 
station groups, not the major networks) for being worried about losing their 
spectrum. Because there is little doubt in my mind, the "most efficient" way 
for local broadcasters, and major networks, to get the services of a 2-way 
distribution pipe is to piggy-back on the wired and wireless ISP networks. Not 
to create their own, separate RF infrastructure. The technology required is 
well understood and is already deployed, so we're only really talking about 
"more of the same."

Targeted ads, as far as that goes, can EITHER be done with ATSC/8-VSB, through 
clever use of A/91 and users being made to identify their interests in an 
on-screen menu, OR they require a two-way distribution pipe, where each 
receiver is identified by the source. And as an aside, I don't know to what 
extent ads are targeted now on Internet TV, but if they are, I wouldn't make a 
bigger deal of them than they deserve. Interacting with ads gets real old, real 
fast. And even if you do interact, they have a way of never becoming more 
interesting anyway.

As far as a pipe for one-way broadcast, though, ATSC with 8-VSB works pretty 
darned well. I told you that I'm getting 47 channels now, right? And there's 
plenty of room there for more, without increasing the number of multiplexes. 
And reception with indoor antennas, IMO, is far more acceptable than it was 
with analog TV. The quality is excellent, so the solution is viable. As opposed 
to being a temporary solution, to be used as an excuse to go to cable. Which 
analog TV was, used with indoor antennas.


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