[opendtv] Re: Does Apple's Tim Cook Want an Apple Television?

  • From: "Manfredi, Albert E" <albert.e.manfredi@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2012 19:30:44 -0600

Craig Birkmaier wrote:

> Because content is king and five companies control most of what
> the American public watches.

Which is an orthogonal argument. Apple, at best, wanted to get in bed with the 
MVPDs, to get to the content. That's hardly innovative. The innovation the 
awe-struck faithful are looking for, from an Apple TV, has to do with 
technology. Something that any TV maker can do independently, using existing 
building blocks, not becoming slave to any one solution.

> Thank you for making my point. This is not discovery. It is
> looking under every haystack for something you might want.

Not at all. It is going directly to the source when you know the source, and 
using the search engine when you want to discover.

> And this re-enforces the perception that a program producer must sell
> out to the congloms if they want to reach the mass TV audience.

Again, an orthogonal discussion, and untrue to boot. With the vast choice 
available over the Internet, any producer will have to look for some way of 
getting good visibility. Whether that's a conglom, or whether that's an OTT 
site like Hulu, which allows people to browse through different genres. We've 
been over this countless times. I sometimes browse through movies at Hulu, and 
pick one that looks interesting, without having had a clue beforehand what even 
to "search" for. Aside from, say, "drama."

Just for kicks, I typed "drama movies online" in Webcrawler, and came up with 
pages and pages of results. Portals like this one:


PLENTY of discovery, Craig. Discovery for those who don't even know what 
specifically they are after. If you do know what you're after, it's that much 
easier. For example, I've bookmarked a whole slew of YouTube videos of songs I 
like, even odd ones, like Lolita's Seeman. (Look it up. Several different 
versions of it, even one in English by Petula Clark.)

> Case in point: Google TV. They provided a framework for CE manufacturers
> to integrate the stuff you want. It went NOWHERE because they did not
> solve the real problems. Discovery and Human Interface

I think it went nowhere because the content owners didn't want some third party 
creating an unnecessary monopoly. So they blocked their content from this 
would-be monopolist, as they did from Apple. The good news is, the content 
owners only do this for companies that try to get too greedy. They don't want 
to block content from EVERYONE. So the CE companies should learn to do their 
own thing.

> Now Bert suddenly changes his position:

Only for those with a reading comprehension problem.

I said, (1) you don't need Apple or Google, or any other single "prophet," to 
solve something that has already been solved. And (2), independent of this, I 
disagree with your point that the congloms are charging consumers ever more for 
their stuff, and only making it available through MVPDs. That second point has 
nothing to do with the technology. It simply disagrees with your confused 
complaints. I can get SOME content FOTI that previously was only available via 


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