[opendtv] DirecTV obligatory service contract

  • From: flyback1 <flyback1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2006 23:06:54 -0400

Can anyone tell me a legal way to get a DirecTV service contract nullified?

Last March I 'bought' a DirecTV receiver at Best Buy and installed it at home.

Then when I called DirecTV to get it activated I was informed after the fact that
the $100 I paid to Best Buy was actually to lease the receiver, that I did not own it
and further that I had to pay a $4.99 per month 'primary leased receiver fee' in addition
to any costs for programming I wanted to subscribe to.

I have retired and in trying to pare down expenses I just now tried to cancel all DirecTV
Not so fast.

I was informed by the DirecTV representative that if I have all services cancelled and return
the 'leased' rceiver, I will still have to pay a $12.50 per month 'contractual obligation fee'
for the next 17 months until the completion of the contract!

Otherwise, I must keep subscribing to and paying for programming [I can neither afford
nor want] for the next 17 months.

This is a contract I have never seen, was unaware of, never signed, and, like the lease
I unwittingly and unknowingly agreed to by purchasing and activating the receiver,
I am now apparently locked in to paying DirecTV for programming or
an obligatory contractual fee [which I can no longer afford] for the next 17 months.

This so-called contract [which I have never seen] sounds illegal, and there must be ways to
get out of it.

With which gov't agencies should I file written legal complaints?

All suggestions will be welcomed.

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