[opendtv] Digital vs. Analog Quality

  • From: dan.grimes@xxxxxxxx
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2008 18:25:14 -0700

I just hooked up one of those CECB digital converter boxes.  It is a Digital Stream 9950 from Radio Shack.


The digital picture looks good but not any better than the analog.  If fact, I think the live news on analog looks better, probably because of the lack of compression artifacts.  The regular programming looks the same with plenty of compression artifacts on both.


Mind you, this is a standard def. CRT, so it won't take advantage of the high def. digital signal.


One channel did improve.  When channel DTT-9 and DTT-11 came on, analog channel 10 become very snowy.  But the digital version looks good.


VegasPBS has a different stream for the DTT.  The analog stream is on 10-2 and Create is on 10-3.  I like the additional programming.


Also on the subchannels, the NBC and Fox affiliate are running weather, the CBS affiliate is running LATV, a latino video channel, and the ABC affiliate is running traffic.  None of the other digital channels are running additional programming.




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