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Wireless mics are licensed, so you start off from an absurd point of view.
No need to read further.

John Willkie

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As wireless mics seem to be important to broadcasters, it would seem 
logical to assign several white space frequencies for their 
unlicensed use.

How many frequencies are used by these mics today? Obviously they 
must be reasonably agile as the available frequencies change from 
market to market.

We are talking about a huge chunk of spectrum from VHF through 600 
MHz. There is plenty of room there to create multiple licensed and 
unlicensed services.

Then again, there is enough room there for the broadcasters to use 
this spectrum efficiently to develop a competitive multi-channel 
service similar to Freeview, but with the ability to serve individual 
markets as well.

Personally, I would prefer to see the spectrum assigned to 
broadcasters USED by broadcasters to develop a multichannel service 
with a free tier similar to Freeview) and the ability to deliver 
premium subscription services as well. At the same time we could 
shutter the FCC and get rid of ALL legislated and regulatory 
protections associated with the use of this spectrum.

I would do this by setting up regional broadcast spectrum utilities 
as I have discussed before. The content moguls would pay prevailing 
market rates for bits, and hopefully they would do the same on cable 
and DBS, choosing either to offer commercial free subscription 
channels for which subscribers would pay, or advertiser supported 
channels for which they would pay for carriage.


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