[opendtv] Re: Democrats Air Concerns About Analog Switchover

  • From: "Albert Manfredi" <bert22306@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 15:54:17 -0500

flyback1 wrote:

You just said:

"You have described the realities of analog vs digital radio reception. With A-VSB,
or even just E-VSB, this problem would be resolved, for those emergency

??? What did you mean then?

I meant that in cases where extra robustness might be required, e.g. for your tornado warnings, the E-VSB or A-VSB versions of 8-VSB could add in a more robust program stream. So that aspect of your complaint about ATSC would at least be mitigated.

House is 430 ft above mean sea level.

7 ft parabolic UHF antenna 28 feet in the air, fwd gain 17 dB, mast mounted
preamp, 40 ft of RG-11 coax. 37 miles from Philly, 52 from Baltimore, in
almost a direct line. Get better [but by no means perfect] reception from
Baltimore than from Philly.

But what you miss telling to the uninitiated is that this "direct line" you're talking about is 180 degrees away from Baltimore. Said another way, the parabolic reflector is actually dispersing the Baltimore signal for you, not amplifying it. What you also fail to divulge to the uninitiated is how analog and digital reception of Baltimore channels compare, with this same antenna aimed this way.

I think in both our cases, ATSC is considerably better than NTSC for distant reception for sure. In my case, ATSC is also better than NTSC for closer-in channels, although yes, with indoor antenna, I need to orient the antenna in two different directions to receive all my local and several Baltimore channels. With anaolog, you *can* get so-so reception of all local channels without turning the indoor antenna, although reorientation helps for NTSC. But nothing from Balt. that's remotely acceptable.

Do you really think this additional information is of no importance when comparing systems? I think it's completely misleading to leave it out.


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