[opendtv] Re: Democrats Air Concerns About Analog Switchover

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At 11:42 AM -0800 11/18/06, John Willkie wrote:
And, you have much work to get up to speed with what's going on now.


These were all being developed at the time I was working on the standard. For what it is worth, only rather lame program guides have actually been deployed in the U.S., while Europe is enjoying a wide range of interactive services, mostly built around MHEG.

Software Download Service?
Data broadcast in general

I originated the data broadcast work in general, and in the ATSC specifically. I spent about two years trying to help them re-invent the wheel before giving up. I have several papers I presented at SMPTE conference on this subject that I can share with you; these papers lay out the general requirements and the services that can be supported. The ATSC began work on A-90 in 1997. Unfortunately, the work was dominated by companies intent on building the U.S. standard around the DS-MCC data carousel work that had been completed in Europe. We spun or wheels for several years before Rich Chernock was able to get things focused on what became A-90. The standard is all but unused today. The only work that is pertinent is relatd to the ability to encapsulate IP data grams so that one can escape the standard to do something useful.


Talking about re-inventing the wheel...


Not my bag. Most of this was decided early on in the process. As Mark points out, virtually ALL ATSC receivers are not fully compliant with the services in the standard.


I was involved in both SMPTE and MPEG committee work when these efforts started.

Captions, etc.

This work was completed while I was working on other aspects of the ATSC standard including the interlace/progressive task force and T3/S6, which debated the SDTV formats that were added to the standard in the summer of 1995.


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